Friday, May 28, 2010

For the love of British-styled School.

  1. When you study in an international British-styled boarding school where everything is so much different from your common beliefs,you need to be very tolerant and optimistic.
  2. When people randomly swear to you in a language you can't understand,take it lightly and just laugh.
  3. When they swear to you,it means that they feel comfortable being with you.
  4. Or when people want to borrow your underpants,let them borrow yours even though you feel it's awkward.
  5. That means they believe that you're highly hygienic and have no scabies.
  6. Or when your Korean juniors show you their 'birds',don't feel offended.
  7. 'Birds' are every boy's secret weapons,so if they show you theirs,that means they trust you.
  8. Bring a lot of food,sure they'll love you so much.
  9. Hug each other often,-THIS ISN'T GAY-the inter-racial love will grow even more.