Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Outwardbound School

  1. So OBS ended,I would say successfully.
  2. I climbed up three Pangkor hills of which the slopes are around 85 degree and got lost on the third hill.
  3. I kayaked from Lumut to Pangkor,but only halfway,because of stormy and choppy sea we were ferried to campsite by a mother boat.
  4. I got my first ever bite from a leech on my right hand finger albeit wearing hand gloves.
  5. I was stalked by monkeys who wanted to steal my food during solo camping.
  6. I managed to start a fire during solo camping and cooked myself Maggi and hot Milo.*pat own shoulder*
  7. I learnt that DON'T ever wear contact lenses without taking them out for four consecutive days.
  8. And most importantly,I found new friendship in the jungle and the sea.=)
  9. In short,missions completed!

*Pictures are courtesy of Christopher Sng.