Monday, October 11, 2010

Everything Is Just Pathetic

I'm supposed to work on my Geography preps, but since I'm typically having lack of self-discipline, I stop halfway .The 'coastal processes' questions can wait until, uh well later.

As I'm typing this entry my head is spinning, literally. I'm not feeling very well, all blames upon me as I don't take the medication religiously, so here I'm paying the price.

Since the term started last August, I still cannot concentrate with the things I should be doing. My minds keep flying somewhere, to the places unbeknownst to me and to the person(s) which is(are) dear to my heart.

There are like 29 days left before my Geography paper which I need to resit. Convert into hours, there are around 696 hours remain, which is very very short. And with the hours spent on sleeping, wasting time watching Desperate Housewives Season 6(my sister's fault for giving the CDs), eating and daydreaming, God knows well how much time remains for me to revise my subject.

I really need to get the grade 'A' this time, no matter how, by hook or by crook. Despite my lack of efforts, I'm very optimistic I'll emerge with the grade I want, eventually.

Event(s) that occurred in the last three months keeps rewinding in my mind.Of the joy I had, of the adventures I endured, and of the person(s) who I found was(were) far more interesting than I anticipated which led to the change in heart.

Sometimes, these memories are really lovely to remember, but at the thought of hopeless dreams and all, sometimes they're killing me from inside, making me more vulnerable.

I need to move on and concentrate with my missions. There are about nine months left before A Levels finish, so I need to start working. England is waiting for me.