Monday, April 11, 2011

The Long Overdue Entry

My last update on this blog was in January.Now,it's already April.How fast time flies.My long hiatus is probably due to the following reasons:
  1. Too much things to be told which ended up not being told at all.
  2. My life is not interesting as many others who update their blogs on regular basis.
Looking at my previous post before the last post, I had listed out a few things of my concern which all deserve updates:
  1. Cross-country-I hope that was my last ever cross country. It was quite an achievement though as I met my goal to be in the top 100...haha I ended 99th to be exact for senior boys category.
  2. University offers-I'd received all offers from my university of choice.Plus,I've decided to make LSE as my first choice.Hopefully I can meet the requirement set by the university which is AAB in A Levels including Maths and Geography.
  3. Edexcel Maths-I got the results for both papers I sat last January. Well, it was quite a disappointment alas all blames went to me. The very laid-back period during the last Michaelmas term break had taken its toll.Got to do much better in the last module, C4 this June.
  4. CIE examinations- Less than two months before the D-Day. I hope I'll be well-prepared. Oh yeah, I've decided not to drop any subject to be on the safe-side.
  5. Anak-anak sedare- Alhamdulillah, my two sisters delivered their daughters, Naurah for my eldest sister and Hana for my second sister safely. Here they are!

These are Naurah...


...and our hero, Muaz, Naurah's brother.

I hope next few weeks will be very productive for me so that I'll be very ready for my last lag of A-Levels.And I wish that the tiny wings that I've been growing will be strong enough to fly me to England.Not literally of course.

Till next time folks which I don't know when.