Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Time Will Come Soon For Us To Shed Tears of Happiness

As I'm writing this post, I'm shivering and my nose is wet.I caught flu. For the past two days I just tucked myself under the blanket lying restlessly hoping by doing so I can sweat a lot so that the flu will go away.

Tomorrow, Advanced Subsidiary Level results will come out. I really hope this time I will get the grade I need for Geography. I really hope my other friends who sat for their papers last November will also get the grades they need. We really need the grades this time so that this will make our final half for A Levels easier. Ameen.

Back to my condition, I really hate it when my throat sores and when my head feels heavy. I feel vulnerable.I don't have much appetite for food although I still go to dining hall for meals. I've seen matron for countless times asking for medications and am started to feel guilty for troubling her.

I cannot wait for CNY break. I miss home, really...