Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Artist Who We Tend To Forget

Van Gogh, da Vincci and Rembrandt were undeniably great artists of their eras. So lavishly talented and blessed they were even after they had long passed to the afterlife, people amongst us, you and I might included, are still admiring and greatly fascinated with their masterpieces.

But we tend to forget, the Master of All Arts, who has created Van Gogh, da Vincci and Rembrandt, who has created you and I and who has created the world we are surrounded with in such perfection and beauty that none can rival.

He is the Greatest Artist of All, who will never pass, who will perpetually stay, and who has painted countless impeccable masterpieces for us to wonder, and to ponder.

On the Earth are Signs (proofs for the natural phenomena) for those of assured Faith, as also in your ownselves; will you not then see?  [Zariat: 20-21]