Saturday, July 16, 2011


I first watched Harry Potter when I was ten.The Sorcerer's Stone hit cinemas then. I didn't watch the film at the cinema though but rather I borrowed a pirate copy of the movie from neighbor backdoor.

The movie caught me fast.It captured my imagination and set me into upward spiral of excitement and wonder.I watched the movie*read:pirate copy* over and over until one day I bought the original VCD with the money I begged from my sister.

For the past ten years, I literally 'worshipped' Harry Potter, from its casts to its author and to its books.I grew up with Harry Potter.Harry Potter was my childhood.Everything back then was all about Harry Potter.I was crazy about Daniel Radcliffe as well.

The final movie for the saga was premiered last June.I went to watch it with several friends.I could feel tears in my eyes.I could't recall which part but I did shed tears, a tad,knowing that for the coming years there'll be no more Harry Potter,or anything about it for me to go gaga about.