Wednesday, June 23, 2010


  1. While many of my schoolmates had great time(I assume so) at our college's annual prom last weekend,I decided not to go.
  2. Not that I did not have the desire to go,but the thought of tight budget and my lack of social charisma(?) and some other reason(s) outweighed my decision of going.
  3. Instead,I headed back home for a short exeat.
  4. The travel home was kinda long and boring with an uncle who sat besides me didn't seem to be friendly as many other middle-aged men suppose to be.
  5. -deleted_
  6. And worst part was a message that I received informing the sudden departure of one of my close friends.
  7. But being home is always nice and warm as it should always be.
  8. The same faces,the same smiles and the same laughters flushed away all my angsts.
  9. Nothing better than home.
  10. Even though I'm starting to think college is also like a second home now.