Saturday, January 15, 2011

You're faking the smile with the coffee you go

(after long hiatus,here's something)

This first half of 2011 will be a very trying time for me.

These are a few things of my concern:
  1. Cross-country-I am well aware I'm not athletic.To jog*read:walk most of the time* for 5.5km will result me in being half-dead and swear endless and randomly of why I'm doing this stupid thing that might adversely affecting me.But for the so-called house-spirit, I'll do whatever it's gonna take.
  2. University offers-Alhamdulillah, university offers are coming in. So far I've got 4/5 offers from Lancaster, Bath, Exeter and LSE. It's only Warwick which hasn't given me the decision yet. This part will be tricky though. I'll have tough time to make decision of which university I'm going to put as my firm and my insurance.
  3. Edexcel Maths-I had finished my back-to-back Statistics papers. I don't really know what to expect nevertheless. I think I had done my best.Hopefully it will be alright *read: Grade As for both Papers*
  4. CIE examinations- Woah, this one will be at the top of my priority list for the first half of 2011. I'm a bit disappointed with how they arrange the examinations timetable though. All of my CIE papers, which are Economics, Accounting and Geography are cramped in the same week! And worst, Geography Paper 2 and 3 are on the same day as Accounting Paper 4! Now I'm thinking to drop one subject so that it won't be so burdening.
  5. Anak-anak sedare-Not everything is trying though. My family is waiting for the arrival of our two new members of Jamal clan. Insha Allah ,both are due late January or around February. Yeah, a bundle of joys to come very soon!

This first-half of 2011 will be extremely challenging with me struggling to get myself on my maiden flight to England this autumn season.I just hope at the end of my journey here *read:KTJ* I'll be able to carve a smile of happiness.If only I can take a peek into the future.....

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!